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Most every morning I start the day with a period of quiet reflection.  Sometimes this is hard for me to do, because I want to get busy and get stuff accomplished.  Here’s a cool quote from Francis de Sales: “Every Christian needs a half-hour of prayer each day, except when he is busy – then he needs an hour!”

This morning my reflection time was mostly during a walk with my dog as the sun came up.  She played, chased birds, squirrels, etc. as I prayed, thought and prepared for the day.  As an instructor for AdjusterPro and All-Lines Training, I often reflect on how I can be most useful to my students.  This morning I thought about this blog post and how I could pass on some of the things that have made my adjusting career successful and enjoyable.

Jim Rohn once said “Work harder on yourself than you do on your job.”  I believe this principle 100%.  Our most valuable asset is not our adjusting skills, it’s us – the whole package – who we are, our character, our integrity, our competence, our priorities, our very souls.  We have to be “bigger” than our job.  Problems with character, work ethic, etc. will eventually reveal themselves.  When there’s a disconnect between who we are at work and who we are outside of work there’s a problem.  Statistics show concretely that people are most often hired for their skills, but are most often fired for their character!

I’m not saying that we don’t need to constantly work on becoming a better, more qualified adjuster – we do, especially in today’s marketplace.  Rather, I’m saying that lasting, meaningful success will be a result of more than just adjusting skills.  High levels of competence and success in our careers as adjusters will flow from our very character.  In other words, we’re excellent adjusters because we’re excellent people.  That’s how we roll, and it shows through in our job.

Today I commit to personal excellence, confident that my continual striving for improvement will carry over into my career as an adjuster and a trainer of adjusters.  As an AdjusterPro/All-Lines Training trainer and part of the AdjusterPro community, I invite you to join me!



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