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We Make It Easy. And Awesome.


    State legislation can change in a moment. Never fear, we can get you up and running with pre-licensing and a state exam education in just a few weeks.


    We don't think your budget should keep you from quality training. Our industry-first, turn-key solution allows states to implement new adjuster education at zero cost!


    AdjusterPro goes beyond traditional customer service. We offer expert industry guidance and when you need us, we will be here to offer the right training solution for your state.


“When states are faced with new requirements for pre-licensing or an exam we have the turn-key solution for them.

Melissa Brittain, CEO, AdjusterPro

The Proof Is In Indiana. Case Study.

  • 10 Months to do the impossible

    The Challenge.

    Indiana passed legislation requiring insurance adjusters to become licensed. On a tight timeline and with a limited budget, the state faced the dilemma of how to implement this. Developing pre-licensing criteria, outlines, exams, finding providers, and allocating DOI employees and dollars seemed impossible. That’s where AdjusterPro came in.

  • 100 Percent customized and FREE

    The Solution.

    Working with the state Deputy Director and his team, we created an outline that combined those recommendations with their specific state needs. We also handled all student questions regarding coursework, testing and licensing. And we submitted completions to the system of choice for each state. For Indiana, we released a 40-hour pre-licensing course and 150-question state examination in time to hit their deadline.

  • 2500 Adjusters trained and counting

    The Result.

    We developed an industry-first, turnkey solution for new licensing states to implement pre-licensing and state examinations. During the 8 years we partnered with Indiana, we trained over 2,500 adjusters, all without costing the state a dime. Since then, AdjusterPro has also helped Alabama and Arkansas implement new pre-licensing and exam requirement processes quickly, and at no cost to the state.