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Hi folks –

We have all heard from newly licensed adjusters when asked about why they want to become CAT adjusters and the responses range anywhere from their old industry slowed down to where they can no longer make a living and support their family and they heard you can make good money as an adjuster or they were just burned out doing whatever it was that they used to do.

These days more than ever many new adjusters give the reason they came to the industry because they want to help people , they want to give back and give a helping hand to those in need. The fact is we are not there to represent the insured, we are there to represent the interest of the Carrier, not the homeowner.

As a matter of fact , if folks actually read the verbiage included in our Independent adjuster licensing rules and regulations, it clearly states that the department of Insurance from which ever state your licensed in as an independent adjuster is granted authority to represent the interest of the insurance company ONLY !!

Who represents the insured, the homeowner ?  Public adjusters represent the insured.

When it’s time to pay the piper we are sent to assess and pay (recommend to pay) all reasonable damages that the insured is legally entitled too.

It can really get to you sometimes when people that really need the money have their claims denied because the cause of the loss was an excluded peril.

I have left a few claims with my heart in my throat, there are lots of things that are emotional and sad and it has gotten to me a few times, but I have never let the insured see anything other than my game face.

Don’t misunderstand me because I genuinely care and I have always let new folks know to never forget to temper and balance your skills as an adjuster with kindness and compassion for the insured.

My mentor’s taught me early on that we are there to represent the interest of the Carrier, however, we must never forget that these folks have a legal contract with the Carrier and to pay them (recommend they get paid) fairly equitably and promptly based upon that contract .

Some folks can have a conscience issue from time to time and may have had a few sleepless nights over a certain claim or two, but just like some of the vets here have told me , you have to not let it get to you, you have to remain objective.

There are some folks who did let it get to them to the point they couldn’t do it anymore and either quit or were asked to leave and had their claim files taken away

Some folks become Public adjusters for that very reason and while a Public adjuster is not looked on highly by many on the Independent side, if there wasn’t a need for them , they would not exist, not only exist but thrive.

Yes there are those PA’s who inflate claims and use less than ethical methods in representing the insured, but those aren’t Public adjuster’s, those are criminals hiding behind a PA license.

I have met and worked with many PA’s( one actually saved my life by giving me CPR after my ladder accident) and have dealt with crooks, but for the most part they were professional people looking to get their client everything they are entitled too.

Carriers dislike PA’s , I even dislike PA’s because as an Independent adjuster, if a PA gets involved and reopens one of my claims, what that means to me is that claim isn’t closed, which means until it closes, I don’t get paid.

The Carrier’s don’t like PA’s because  they cost the carrier more money by an increased scope of damage and an increased claim award.

There is one carrier (nameless) that literally just made my jaw drop in the way they dealt with insured claims and seemed to go out of their way to nickel and dime the insured knowing these folks were in a desperate situation and used that to to pay out as little as possible and danced dangerously close to the line of operating in Bad Faith.

So stating you want to help folks , give back, well you can do that by giving them everything they are legally entitled too.

Once again,

I have had some conscience issues in the past , but I can tell you that those moments are grossly outnumbered by the way I felt when my claims were closed and the insured was paid everything they were legally entitled to and they were able to move on with their lives.

Robby Robinson



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