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Hey Adjusters!

I’ve been learning from T. Harv Eker for years, and recently some folks have asked me to participate in a study of his series “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind“.  I’m delighted to be studying the timeless principles Harv outlines with others, and want to share with you too some of our reflections.  To this end I’ll be posting notes from our meetings from time to time.  I’ve been asked to lead the first meeting, so today I’ll post my outline.  Enjoy!

The missing link between desire and achievement:

here’s a mystery: two people sit side by side learning the exact same thing at one of Harv’s seminars:
person 1 – take’s the tools given and skyrockets to success
person 2 – not much happens – they go on living the same old mediocre life

Supposing they both want success – they want it enough to pay $10,000 for Harv’s seminar – So then what’s the difference?

ANSWER – if your subconscious “financial blueprint” is not set for success, nothing you learn, know or do will make much of a difference. You can have the greatest tools in the world, but if you’ve got a leak in your tool box (your head), they just won’t work.

Today’s topic: “the missing link between desire and achievement”

Let’s take a look at Harv’s story:
a) he had tons of “potential” .
b) he read all the books, listened to tapes, etc.
c) he really, really wanted to be successful but could not.
d) all businesses he started were failures.
Then he got advice from a billionaire friend of his father’s: ?“if you’re not rich, all that means is that there’s something you just don’t know.”  He was intrigued, studied the claim and discovered that rich people think in very similar ways.  Poor people think a completely different way.  Those ways of thinking determine their actions and therefore their results in life!

As it turns out, we’ve motivated by emotions – that is, our “feelings” – but what creates our emotions?  Our thoughts!  Here’s the equation: thoughts=feelings=actions.

Question:  If you thought the way rich people do, felt the way rich people do and did what rich people do, do you believe you could become rich?
If you answered yes (and you seriously meant “yes”) AND you seriously wanted to get rich, what’s the next logical step?  THROW YOURSELF INTO LEARNING EVERYTHING YOU CAN ABOUT HOW RICH PEOPLE THINK  – THE INNER WORKINGS OF THEIR MIND.  then put it into practice!  Don’t just learn – learn as if your life depended on it.

So what is the missing link between desire and achievement?  Your financial blueprint – your inner reality.  Fact: It’s impossible to consistently act in a way that’s inconsistent with the way you see yourself.

Over the next few months we’ll be learning how to master the inner game of money to win the game of money.  how to think rich to get rich.  Actually, this is not learning – it’s unlearning!  old ways got you where you are.

when we’re done with this study we’ll understand why some folks are destined for success and others are destined for mediocrity.  we’ll understand the root causes of financial success.  we’ll understand how childhood influences shape you unconsciously, creating self-defeating habits.

1st part of Millionaire Mind explains how we’re taught/conditioned to think and act when it comes to money.  We’ll outline key strategies to intervene and revise your “financial blueprint”

2nd part outlines the difference between how rich, middle class and poor people think.  and show actions you can take that will lead to permanent changes in your life.

Something to ponder: It’s your own thoughts that hold you back from wealth – not others, not circumstance, situation, not others, family, bosses, partners, not your looks, your breath, nothing but your own thoughts, your own inner life.  Your old ways of thinking and acting have gotten you exactly where you are right now.  if you are rich and happy – fine.  if not…

So what do we do right now?

a) commit to success – “burn the ships” (I’ll explain this saying later).  don’t even think about quitting till you meet your goal.
b) challenge your mental approach whenever you catch yourself thinking in financially negative or counterproductive ways.  don’t believe your mind – it is your biggest obstacle to success.  do not even entertain thoughts that don’t empower success for a moment.  Banish them!

So what happened to Harv?  Now he’s a millionaire many, many times over.   They say he’s got “the midas touch”  yes, that’s true – but he swears that just means he’s got a financial blueprint that’s set for success – and you’ll have that TOO when you learn and practice these principles!

why try these principles?  Because thousands upon thousands have changed their lives with them.

So today we learned about the missing link between desire and achievement – your thoughts.  change your thoughts and you change your life, because it’s impossible to consistently act in a way that’s inconsistent with the way you see yourself!

See you next time,

– Adam

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