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I listen to books on tape all the time.  Today as I was listening to one of my current favorites, this quote stopped me in my tracks:

“We are not a composite of everything that has ever happened to us, but rather what happens in our lives is almost always a result of those things we habitually think, and those things we habitually do.  Life is the fruit of discipline – or lack of it.  We are our habits.

– Matthew Kelley, “The Rhythm of Life”

If you’re a seasoned Adjuster, are the things you’re doing building your value to your clients?  I’ve known Adjusters who made a bunch of money on a single storm, but there was no further growth as an individual or as a professional.  Their careers stagnated.  On the other hand, I know many other Adjusters who continue to grow in their value year after year.  The are now in demand year-round.  They can pick and choose the companies they work for, the storms they work and they can practically name their price.

If you’re a new Adjuster just getting into the industry, welcome!  I promise you, if you become the type of individual who thoroughly “owns” your career, and if you make a commitment to grow personally and professionally, you will get work and you will grow in value to your clients, becoming a pillar in the adjuster community and guaranteeing a long, lucrative career.

I’m thankful today for all of the ways in which I am reminded and made more deeply aware of how I am totally responsible for the results in my life.

An excellent question for the morning: “What do I want, why do I want it and when will I be/do/have it?”

And for the evening: “if I keep thinking, feeling and doing what I did today will I get what I want in life?”

We are our habits.  Make your habits the habits of a successful Adjuster.

I truly wish every single reader the very best, and let us know how we can support you in your career!



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