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Reasons To Get Your Insurance Claims Adjuster License

If you’re committed to becoming an insurance claims adjuster, there’s no bad time to start your training. But I understand that when things around us feel so uncertain, it can be a little tougher to make that decision. So while it’s important for every individual to make the best choice for him or her, I wanted to share some reasons why I think now is a good time to get your adjuster license.

#1: It’s Better to Be Prepared

Too often, I see potential adjusters waiting for the ‘ideal time’ to start their education. Usually, its the next big hurricane. And when that happens, the person will take our course, apply and wait for their license to be processed, then start joining IA Firm rosters. But in my experience, it is always better to start now so that when the next ‘thing’ happens, you already have your license in hand and are ready to go. 

This especially holds true given the current Covid-19 outbreak. Testing centers are closed, license processing times are extending, and fingerprinting services are delayed in some areas. And we don’t have a hard date as to when things will return to normal. But rather than looking at those things as reasons to pause starting your adjuster training, I see them as reasons why moving forward now is the best option. It might take a while for these agencies to catch up, but when they do? You’ll be in ahead in those literal or virtual lines.

Remember, those who held a license prior to Hurricane Harvey – even if they’d never worked – were sent out en masse during the storms. In fact, hundreds were deployed before the storm even made landfall.

And those adjusters with Xactimate training were able to hit the ground running, writing and scoping claims from the get-go. Our owner, Adam Gardiner, wrote a great piece about his experience, (or lack thereof) on his first deployment during Hurricane Charley. It’s worth a read.

At the end of the day, time is money in this industry. The faster you can get in the field (meaning you have your license and are ready for deployment) and the faster you can write and close claims via Xactimate knowledge, the more customers you will help and the more money you will make. To put it plainly, having your license in hand is always better than, well…not.

#2: Insurance Claims Don’t Stop

As many of us know all too well, insurance claims don’t care about uncertainty or the economy or what you need to do that day. Pipes burst, fender benders crunch, and house fires spark regardless of what else is going on in our lives.

Just as importantly, the insurance industry can’t simply stop settling claims because the coronavirus has put our lives on hold. The policies we signed with insurance companies are binding legal contracts that require certain actions within specified time periods.

That’s not to say that everything is moving ahead at the exact same speed with the same actions. Companies are working creatively to meet their obligations while making sure that both claimants and adjusters stay healthy. But whether the solutions are technology-based in the office or safety-related in the field, adjusters are still needed to handle claims and move settlements forward.

#3: ‘Tis the Storm Season

Much like daily claims, our weather-related claims aren’t going to stop because we have so much else going on right now. In fact, we are entering into the busiest months for storm-related insurance claims. Wind, hail, and tornado season is just getting started for most although we’ve already seen devastating damage in Tennessee and Mississippi.

And the end of spring storm season will lead us directly into the start of hurricane season, which lasts through November.

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It’s also important to note that our weather is changing. While the number of disasters still varies, experts agree that all of these disasters are causing more damage than ever before. Insurance Business Magazine’s Are Billion-Dollar Storms the New Normal? looks at some of these issues but I wanted to review a few important points. 

We have more people living in flood-prone and floodplain regions. Higher ocean temperatures are fueling bigger hurricanes like Harvey and Florence and stronger hurricanes like Michael. There is also new evidence that Tornado Alley may be shifting east, placing more populous regions in the strike zones. And Calfornia’s fire season seems to include almost every month of the year at this point.

Unfortunately, storms and catastrophes will occur this year, just like every other. If you are serious about a career in insurance claims, getting your adjuster license now means you’ll be ready to help when the need arises.

#4: We are Open and Ready to Help

In all honesty, this one doesn’t change. But with everything going on, I want to assure you AdjusterPro remains open and ready to assist you. If you’d like to learn more about how and why we’re able to do this amidst the current environment, please read our Covid-19 Statement.

All of our courses are 100% online and available to you 24/7. With so many people at home or social distancing, now might be the time to start (or finish up) your licensing course. Or maybe your current employment situation has you interested in a career that’s not so dependent on the ups and downs of the economy. Regardless, you can be confident that you will have AdjusterPro’s support behind you every step of the way.

It can be tempting to wait for ‘the ideal time’ to get your insurance adjuster license. But in my experience, sooner is always better than later. Because the sooner you have your license in hand, the faster you can start getting on employers’ rosters and getting to work.

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