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Independent Adjusting Firm Directory

Comprehensive List of IA Firms

The claims industry knows them as IA firms, TPAs, or Bureaus. A successful independent adjuster knows them as “the people who give me work.” The companies listed below handle insurance carriers’ overflow claims by hiring independent insurance adjusters.

This list is meant to be a helpful resource for our students and alumni looking for work and should not be considered an endorsement of any company. If you would like to add your IA Firm to our directory, please email

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I make sure I’m prepared to work catastrophe claims?

    After a large scale catastrophe, insurance adjusters are often hired en masse and quickly deployed to the affected area. Being ready to go before the storm hits can make all the difference in whether or not you get hired. Our Co-Founder, Dan Kerr, wrote a great blog article called ‘Ready for the Storm: What Every New Adjuster Needs to Know‘ that explains the steps you need to put yourself in the best position to find work after a disaster.

  • Do I need to know Xactimate?

    We’ve trained tens of thousands of adjusters over the last decade, and it’s become clear that proficiency in Xactimate is the single most important technical skill a new adjuster must acquire. In fact, “are you familiar with Xactimate?” is one of the most frequently asked questions in interviews and on applications. Knowing your way around the software not only sets you ahead of the curve in the employment line, it means you can get to work adjusting claims immediately once you’re deployed. You’ll be able to work through inspections and adjustments faster and with more accuracy, which is truly money in your pocket.

  • Where do insurance adjusters work?

    There are two basic employment options for adjusters: staff adjuster or independent adjuster. Staff adjusters work directly for the insurance carrier and independent adjusters work for Independent Adjusting Firms. IA Firms are relatively new in the insurance industry but now play a vital role in claims. Insurance companies know that there will be spikes and dips in claim volume from year to year, and they set policy premiums accordingly. For example, a large insurance company might expect 30,000 claims to be filed in Galveston, Texas during a normal year, but they realize that number could spike to 130,000 if a hurricane hits.

    Claims fluctuate throughout a normal year too and these fluctuations present a staffing challenge for insurers. If they keep enough adjusters on the payroll to handle any contingency, they’d be overstaffed 90% of the time, decreasing their profitability. On the other hand, if they keep only a skeleton crew, the delay caused by trying to staff after a large spike would be disastrous for insurance companies. There are strict laws, steep fines, and public relations problems if claims are not handled on time, and it is difficult to hire qualified adjusters on short notice. Enter the Independent Adjusting Firm. Carriers now outsource claims to these firms and in turn, the firms can keep many more adjusters employed regularly.

  • Will companies hire adjusters without experience?

    In almost any scenario, most companies prefer someone with job experience over someone brand new, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get hired. But you do need to put in the work. Get licensed. Learn Xactimate. Apply to rosters and take advantage of the trainings offered by IA Firms.

    The hardest part about getting started as an independent adjuster is usually getting training with a firm and landing that first deployment. During a large catastrophe, the demand is so great they often have to immediately pull a large number of adjusters in to meet it and that often includes new or inexperienced adjusters. During these spurts, companies will also typically ramp up their training, making it easier for you to meet managers, get training, and be assigned claims. The immediate need for adjusters plus increased training opportunities, combined with the massive numbers of disaster claims usually result in storms offering new adjusters a peak chance to break into the field.

    It’s important to note that right now, the insurance industry is losing thousands of employees in all sectors to retirement. So while catastrophes are well known for offering new folks great opportunities to get hired, it is by no means your only chance.