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Become an Xactimate Pro. As Easy as 1 2 3.

Mastering Xactimate is one of the most powerful advantages a new adjuster can have when starting his or her career. In our course, created by an adjuster specifically for adjusters, you’ll learn how to estimate a claim from an Xactimate Certified Trainer and working claims adjuster. You’ll also leave prepared for the Xactimate Level 1 and Level 2 Certification exams. It’s a great addition to any resume.

When it comes to your career, don’t skimp on Xactimate Training.
It’s critical to your success in the field and well worth the investment.



    Learn your way around the Xactimate interface and get acquainted with different features like the control center, price lists, and Sketch. We’ll finish the evening opening your first “claim” and inputting a little data. Welcome back to school!

    4 HRS

    Jump back into Sketch and continue working on your claim. Learn how to build rooms, add complexities, diagram the roof, and more. Our expert trainer will also teach you how to load, label, and organize those all-important inspection photos.

    4 HRS

    Take a deep dive into estimate items and details as you finish up your claim. Conclude the course with a Q&A session with your trainer, an experienced veteran adjuster, to answer any outstanding questions. Congrats! You’re ready to hit the ground running..

    4 HRS

Close More Claims.

“Once you really master Xactimate, it becomes one of your most powerful advantages, allowing you to close more claims quickly and accurately. That means more money in your pocket.



This class is eligible for continuing education credits under the title “Principles of Adjuster Estimatics” in the following states:

  • Alabama (12 CE credit hours)
  • Alaska (8 CE credit hours)
  • Arkansas (8 CE credit hours)
  • California (8 CE credit hours)
  • Delaware (8 CE credit hours)
  • Florida (12 CE credit hours)
  • Georgia (8 CE credit hours)
  • Idaho (8 CE credit hours)
  • Indiana (12 CE credit hours)
  • Louisiana (12 CE credit hours)
  • Mississippi (8 CE credit hours)
  • Nevada (8 CE credit hours)
  • New Hampshire (8 CE credit hours)
  • New Mexico (8 CE credit hours)
  • North Carolina (8 CE credit hours)
  • Oklahoma (8 CE credit hours)
  • Oregon (8 CE credit hours)
  • Texas (8 CE credit hours)
  • Utah (8 CE credit hours)
  • West Virginia (8 CE credit hours)
  • Wyoming (8 CE credit hours)


Florida CE provider #370469; Principles of Adjuster Estimatics Webinar, Course #122561 for Course Authority: CE 3-24c – Adjuster Optional and Course #122560 for Course Authority CE 3-20c – Public Adjuster Optional. These courses have been approved by the Florida Department of Financial Services for insurance continuing education credit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Xactimate?

    Xactimate, created by Verisk, is the industry’s most popular claims adjusting software. Adjusters no longer have to write claims by hand, reference pricing books, and use calculators to perform a complete estimate. The Xactimate platform has automated most of those tasks, enabling the adjuster to perform inspections and adjustments much faster.

    The software was designed specifically for construction professionals, restoration specialists, and claims adjusters. Xactimate helps adjusters:

    • Save time and money in creating estimates
    • Create more accurate, detailed, and professional-looking estimates
    • Access the most up-to-date and reliable pricing information
    • Sketch complicated roofs, rooms, layouts, and structures
    • Automate and streamline your estimating processes
    • Organize and manage your projects
    • Overcome language barriers in preparing estimates

    See a complete list of features at Xactimate.com

  • Do I need to know Xactimate?

    We’ve trained tens of thousands of adjusters over the last decade, and it’s become clear that proficiency in Xactimate is the single most important technical skill a new adjuster must acquire. In fact, “are you familiar with Xactimate?” is one of the most frequently asked questions in interviews and on applications. Knowing your way around the software not only sets you ahead of the curve in the employment line, it means you can get to work adjusting claims immediately once you’re deployed. You’ll be able to work through inspections and adjustments faster and with more accuracy, which is truly money in your pocket.

  • What is Xactimate Certification?

    The Xactimate User Certification program, offered solely by Verisk, provides a controlled exam to independently verify your product knowledge and proficiency. There are three levels of certification: Level 1 – Fundamentals, Level 2 – Proficiency, and Level 3 – Mastery. Each level increases in difficulty and is considered a prerequisite for the next level. Details on how to become certified are available on the Xactimate Training Website.

    While official Xactimate Certification is only available through Verisk, the AdjusterPro Course will help prepare you for the Level 1 exam should you choose to pursue certification. It’s also worth noting that most employers want to know whether you have a working knowledge of how to write a claim in Xactimate, so make sure and include the AdjusterPro Tactical Xactimate Training on your resumes and job applications.

  • What can I expect during the live webinar?

    Our webinar uses a program called GoToTraining which allows you to hear the instructor and view their screen as they perform tasks in Xactimate. As a student, you will follow along and perform the same tasks in your free 30-day trial of Xactimate. You can ask questions live through the GoTo chat feature. After you master each task, the instructor proceeds to the next. Using this method, we lead you step-by-step through the entire process of writing an estimate. Our fantastic trainer will make sure and address all questions by the end of the session. 

  • Will Xactimate work on any computer?

    Unfortunately, no. Xactimate and other Verisk products are not supported on MacOS Operating Systems. This means if you have a device that uses the MacOS operating system (mainly Apple desktop and Apple laptop computers), the Xactimate software will not be compatible or useable on that computer. Xactimate does work on most other desktops and laptops that use the Windows operating system. We do recommend you take our course on a windows-based computer as that is what our instructor, as well as most employers, will be using to operate Xactimate.

    To see a complete list of accepted device types and operating systems, visit the Xactimate Systems Requirements page.

  • Can I ask questions and interact with the instructor?

    Absolutely! We are so lucky to have Nadine Bisson and Matt Daniels teaching our Tactical Xactimate Training Webinar. Nadine has been an independent adjuster since 2008 and is an expert in the claims field. She’s handled hundreds, maybe thousands of claims using Xactimate and knows the program inside and out.

    Matt has been adjusting claims since 2014, and has worked with Xactimate as both an adjuster and a licensed contractor.

    Most importantly, Nadine and Matt are excellent trainers. Throughout your course, they will answer all of your questions and take time to make sure that you’re comfortable with the material.

  • Do you offer any reference material with the course?

    Yes. When you go through our training, you will receive our Xactimate Exercise Manual with hours of practice roofs, elevations, and rooms of increasing complexity. Our instructors will be available to assist if you have questions about these ongoing practice exercises.

  • How do I confirm my webinar training dates?

    Once you complete the “Xactimate Training Prerequisites” module, you will be directed to the “Xactimate Webinar” module to choose your webinar dates. Come back to this module to access the webinar during your scheduled time.

  • Why should I choose AdjusterPro?

    Our team is passionate about providing the best insurance training courses and online classroom experience in the industry. We are committed to helping you succeed at every step of your adjusting career.

    At AdjusterPro, we believe in serving our customers with transparency, honesty, and adhering to the Golden Rule, treating others as we would want to be treated.

    Building our company upon these principles, here are a few other ways we differentiate from the competition:

    • We offer over 170 courses – the most comprehensive catalog in the country
    • Our simple, engaging online training was created to help you comprehend and retain information
    • Keeping your license compliant is simple with our convenient continuing education courses
    • You’ll receive honest answers from our dedicated (real-people) customer engagement team
    • 50 states strong: we offer a path to licensing for every state
    • Over 50,000 people have trained with us
    • 8 of the country’s top 10 insurance carriers train with AdjusterPro
    • 98.4% customer satisfaction rating
    • AdjusterPro is more than just online courses. We’re the nation’s go-to resource for all things adjuster. Whether it’s licensing, reciprocity, CE, networking, tips of the trade, or career advice, we’ve got you covered.

    Whether you are just starting to explore the insurance claims industry, a Fortune 500 company, or are a veteran adjuster looking for additional training, we are here to help you reach your goals and achieve success.