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AdjusterPro is currently looking to fill two positions:

  • System Administrator
  • Data Analyst

We are a great company to work for – a family-first organization where everyone works remotely. We work hard to take care of our customers…and each other. More information about the positions and requirements are listed below.

System Administrator Position

AdjusterPro is hiring a system administrator with DevOps experience to help us manage and develop our systems and code. We have a lot going on behind the scenes here: We manage two online classrooms and self-host one of them; we use over 150,000 Zapier tasks each month; and we have half a dozen apps deployed on Heroku.

It’s probably all a bit too complicated, but we’ve come by it honestly. As an upstart in our industry we often need to move fast – e.g., by rolling out online exam proctoring in about two weeks in April of 2020 – and we’ve always preferred to automate work that doesn’t require human judgment.

But we’re growing rapidly, and it’s time to streamline and unify what we’re doing in IT. You will lead that initiative with the support of our CTO, who built most of this stuff and is eager to see you iterate on it. You will also handle routine maintenance of apps and servers (until you retire those servers and eliminate the need for those apps!); you’ll work with our Compliance Manager on security practices and outage/incident responses; and you may occasionally back up our other technical staff on desktop support.

READ MORE about the position and qualifications, or apply.

Data Analyst Position

AdjusterPro is hiring a data analyst to help us manage and make sense of our data. We’re a relatively small business, but as of last count we have 143 million rows of data in our BI system, spread across more than 800 datasets, and it’s past time for us to have someone on staff who is fully dedicated to understanding, managing, and visualizing our data.

We house all of this data in Domo, and you will own our Domo instance – to include designing and improving ETLs, building charts, coming up with creative ways to get data into Domo from our more ornery systems, and teaching other employees how to get what they need from Domo.

You will sling data for many audiences, including the company at large, our managers, our owners, and our key vendors – but also our enterprise clients, who usually want more customized insights about their students’ activities than our online-classroom system can provide on its own.

You will produce many pretty charts, but not for their own sake – your goal will always be to help the above-mentioned audiences understand our business as objectively and accurately as possible.

READ MORE about the position and qualifications, or apply.

About Us

AdjusterPro was founded by two crazy guys in a Florida garage in 2005 and has since grown to become the nation’s leading provider of claims-adjuster licensing and exam prep courses.

Our revenues are strong and have risen consistently for years, and we are profitable and debt-free. Our customer base is diverse: We serve over 10,000 new individual customers each year, we’re the go-to claims licensing solution for dozens of small and medium-size businesses, and we have multi-year contracts with some Fortune 500 insurance carriers.

We grew in in 2020, and added staff. We have solidified plans to go after a new niche in the insurance industry and grow our business substantially over the next few years.

We currently employ 36 people who mostly work from home offices all over the US; we also have a small headquarters in Tempe, AZ. We have a generous holiday schedule as well as paid PTO and family leave; every paycheck includes a health-care stipend; and we will provide you with a very nice computer and the office equipment you need to do your job effectively.

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