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do's and don'ts of insurance adjusting
This is part 3 of a 4 part series. 

The story of AdjusterPro’s success is really a story about a fanatical commitment to customer service.

When we created the company over 10 years ago, I envisioned a working environment where customers would be treated first and foremost as human beings deserving of dignity and respect. I loathed the large corporations and the careless, impersonal way in which most of them handled service. I observed that if you wanted to talk to a real person and quick, you called Sales. If you wanted to wait for half an hour and then get the B team, you called Service. It always infuriated me so I was determined to do things differently, no matter the cost. Heck, I really didn’t care if we lost money because of it – it was going to be a non-negotiable part of our business. But here is the wonderful secret: delivering great service happens to make fantastic business sense!  Maybe not always in the short term, but always in the long term.

Now of course, we’re not perfect. Delivering exceptional service is an ongoing process and requires continual commitment. It took us a while to figure some things out. In the attached video, I share some of the lessons we’ve learned about the do’s and don’ts of offering great customer service. And while we still make mistakes, I strongly believe we’ve created a company culture where service is the bedrock of our business and it shows. Our support team is far larger than our sales team. We repeatedly win and retain clients based on the strength of care and support we show for each person, whether they’re an individual who purchased a $9 CE course or a large firm with thousands of adjusters. People are people, not dollar signs, and they should be treated accordingly.

This video was originally made for our own internal training purposes, but we think it offers some great reminders for all those who work with customers every day.

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