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Update: Friday March 27

Please see our Customer Support manager’s new post about paths to licensing during COVID-19. Our industry is responding rapidly to this pandemic, and we will update Mary’s post as often as we have new information.

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A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.  AdjusterPro is able to work remotely and our product is online so it would seem we could function business-as-usual, but there is no getting around the fact that our industry relies on many moving pieces to move forward together.

Adjuster licensing is no exception. There are so many elements that are a part of the adjuster licensing process, including: Pre-licensing / exam prep courses, state exam access, exam proctoring, notary services, fingerprinting access, and the list goes on.

With current regulations requiring working from home and the closing of businesses, it causes the above processes to hit some pretty significant hurdles. Here are some hurdles to the licensing process just to name a few:

  • PSI, Pearson Vue, and Prometric testing centers are closed with varying expected re-open dates
  • Proctoring in-person is not really compatible with social distancing (although we expect to see a rapid shift toward online proctoring)
  • Police stations in some areas have suspended fingerprinting services
  • Notary services may be difficult to find
  • State agencies may be unable to process applications

The bottom line here for new adjusters: Completing the licensing process will be delayed. We encourage all students to get their coursework completed and ready, so that they can complete their last steps and apply for their licenses as soon as restrictions are lifted.

Additionally, we are reaching out to testing providers and state agencies to offer our help with providing online solutions for exams, monitors, fingerprinting and notaries. There are online solutions for each of these categories–for example, we are already starting to see indications that states will allow online proctoring/monitoring of exams.

We are keeping track of which states offer a clear path to licensure, as well as official updates from states as they adjust to these challenges. Additionally, we recommend visiting the website of national insurance-regulation experts Westmont Associates and viewing their general state-by-state guide to coronavirus-related regulatory changes, as well.

As always, please contact us directly with any questions that you may have. Our Customer Engagement team is prepped and ready to help–and working from the safety of their own homes! We’re confident that our industry will adapt to these challenges.

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