Insurance adjusters are needed to help with hurricane claims. Register for our free webinar or visit our Storm Resource Page to learn the quickest way to become a catastrophe adjuster.


AdjusterPro took to the streets and caught up with one of our very own adjusters, Matt Daniels. In this featured adjuster story, Matt opens up about his search for meaning and how he found AdjusterPro just in time. Struggling with depression after the military, Matt said “AdjusterPro aligned me and gave me a path, it gave me something to aim for.”

“If you are looking for something to give you purpose and meaning, you need to try this.” – Matt Daniels

As a claims adjuster, you can make a good living for yourself and make a difference for others. Interested in learning more about how to jump into this exciting and meaningful career? Check out how to become a claims adjuster in 5-easy steps.

If you’re a military veteran considering a career in insurance adjusting, you may be eligible to have your adjuster exam testing fees reimbursed. Visit VA.gov to see if your state’s exam is covered. 

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