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Every year there are major hail storms, forest fires, floods, ice storms, earthquakes or tornados that require the mass deployment of thousands of Insurance Adjusters.  In the 2009 storm season alone, there were literally hundreds of catastrophic events, despite the fact that ’09 was the slowest hurricane season since 1997.  Adjusters are still working ’09 catastrophe claims!

These CAT losses occur everywhere throughout the country.  Although some prefer a career doing “daily claims” in their own hometown, CAT adjusters travel frequently throughout the country and even sometimes throughout the world.  It is not uncommon, for instance, for a CAT Adjuster to spend the winter in their hometown, then deploy in the spring to adjust hail claims in say Colorado, followed by a summer of hurricane claims in Texas or Florida.  Many Adjusters also deploy to ice storms in New England or the heartland in the winter.

The end result is that Insurance Adjusters end up enjoying and exploring our country in a way few other professions allow.  Not only do we travel all over, we also get to stay for a while – usually weeks or months, but occasionally – if we choose – for longer.  As we work with local contractors, lawyers and homeowners, we make friends and acquaintances all over the map.

Most Adjusters fly or drive in to their deployment and find a hotel, motel or condo.  Some Adjusters utilize RVs and trailers.  Husband and wife teams are common and work very well – it’s not uncommon to meet retired couples traveling the country and enjoying a lucrative second career!

We would be more than happy to answer all of your questions about Adjusting and the various career paths available.  Call one of our Adjuster Training Consultants today to discuss your career!

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