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We’re repeatedly asked the question “what are my chances of breaking into this business?” or, “I know you can’t guarantee me this will work out, but what are my odds of finding a job?”

These are good questions and it’s easy to empathize with the questioner. Starting out on a new direction in life can be scary, whether you’re fresh out of college or in your mid-50s looking for a second career. Sizing up the opportunity is prudent and who wouldn’t want to have a good, realistic sense of their odds of success?

Answering that question depends in part upon knowing about some variables that come in to play in getting started. How much will you invest, not just money, but time and focus, on your training and preparation? Who will you train with? Which licenses will you be pursuing? What’s the market demand looking like for the positions you’ll be targeting? The variables abound.

And yet, if you’ll indulge a bit of waxing philosophic here, there is something in this line of questioning that misses a rather important variable in the equation. It’s the variable that needs to be discovered. That variable is you.

The way the question is most often phrased, it’s almost as if one were asking for the odds of winning in roulette or some game of chance where only luck and physics determine who wins and loses. But one’s career isn’t determined by luck and physics. Sure, those may play a factor. Many people speak of “the hand they were dealt” which refers to circumstances beyond our control that factor into the trajectory of our lives. Some are dealt a strong hand with a stable family, wealth, vigorous health, special talents, etc. Some are dealt a poor hand. But life is ultimately about how you play your hand and there are plenty of folks who squander a pair of aces and plenty who win with rags.

So, when I’m asked, “what are my odds of success?” I want to turn the question back to you and ask what are your odds of success? Because I truly believe and it has been my repeated experience that the answer ought to be 100%. Why does failure have to be an option? We aren’t talking about doing something impossible here like flying unassisted or lifting an immovable stone. Heck, we’re not even talking about doing something particularly hard like becoming the next U.S. President, winning a Nobel Peace Prize, or even dunking a basketball. We’re talking about becoming an independent claims adjuster. Not to say this job isn’t challenging, it most certainly is. But to get a shot, to get your shot – is not that hard. Most industries that pay this well require years of schooling and a major, if not crippling, financial investment. Starting with just a 40-hour Licensing course, this industry is W I D E open to those who are ready to knock and keep knocking. And it isn’t about financial resources, good looks, intelligence or “who you know.” It’s about attitude, character, and an unflinching commitment to success.

So, what are your odds of success? You tell me. I hope your answer is 100%.

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