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Adjuster Pre-Licensing

Xactware, the company who makes the industry’s leading estimating software for handling property claims, has released a new version of Xactimate – X1. We’re working to get more information but in the meantime, we wanted to share with you what we know, what it means for adjusters, and how it affects our training.


The newest version of Xactimate, X1, is basically a cloud-based version of Xactimate 28. The two versions look and function in very much the same way, although you may find that certain buttons are in slightly different places. We’ve read some good reports from adjusters in the field who seem to like the new version but in this early stage, the transition has come with some challenges.

The Good

  • A cloud-based version of XM8 means your files will be stored in the cloud and available on all your devices. You’ll no longer need to decide whether to get the desktop or mobile versions.
  • X1 combines most of the best features from the desktop, mobile, and online versions of Xactimate into one program.
  • X1 is ‘backwards compatible,’ meaning it should be able to open and read any Xactimate 27 or 28 files. Some previous new releases weren’t capable of reading older files so hopefully this makes the transition to X1 easier for working adjusters.
  • If you currently have Xactimate 28, all of your files should automatically transfer to the cloud when you upgrade to X1. *Should* is the key word here. Read on below.

The Not So Good

  • Upgrading from 28 to X1 will wipe all of your claim files from your computer. Ideally, the files simply get moved from your device to the cloud where they’ll be immediately available to you. However, we have already seen some snafus here and highly recommend that you backup your files on an external drive before downloading the new version….just to be safe.
  • You cannot house both versions on the same computer. When you download X1, it essentially deletes Xactimate 28. If you want or need both versions, you’ll need two computers.

One of the biggest challenges for adjusters is many companies will continue to use Xactimate 28 while others are switching to X1 for its advancements in cloud technology. Learning both versions is not really a problem, and should be fairly seamless. But due to the reasons listed above, this gets tricky for working adjusters who may be required to use both versions of the software. If you are brand new, we recommend starting with X1.


  1. Since X1 is readily available but many companies are still using 28, we will continue to teach both versions in our webinars.
  2. Our trainer utilizes two computers so all students’ needs are met, regardless of whether they use Xact 28 or X1. Again, the programs are not vastly different so while it may take an extra second to locate a button, the transition is relatively easy.
  3. If you are a new adjuster and want to learn Version X1 – no sweat. Simply download the demo and you are ready for class. Download Free X1 Demo


As always, our support staff is available to help with any of your Xactimate questions. We’d also love to hear about your experience with the upgrade! If you’re working with X1, or having to use both versions, let us know what you think. Please contact Jesse Gibson at or 214-736-7402 with your feedback, Xactimate webinar questions, or to register for the class.

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