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Total Adjuster Package

We are thrilled to announce that our Total Adjuster Packages are getting another major upgrade!

These specialty packages were designed to give potential new adjusters everything they needed to get started in the insurance claims industry, at a heavily discounted price!

In 2020, we partnered with veteran adjusters John O’Brien and Peter Gaetano to offer their Adjuster Success Method course as part of our new and improved Total Adjuster Packages.

For the 2022 upgrade, we wanted to address another major concern for our customers and students: construction knowledge. We’ve been asked to create a construction basics course for a long time so we’re thrilled to have partnered with veteran adjuster Matt Daniels on just that!

Matt started his career like many do, with little to no knowledge about the construction process or terminology. He was able to learn on the job, but it was frustrating, time-consuming, and created a lot of initial errors in his estimates. So he created this course to help fill that void for our customers.

The course covers basic and commonly found materials, taking you from foundations to framing, from siding to roofing, and from interior flooring to finishes throughout the home. We’ve also incorporated an updated roofing section that includes an overview assessment, 6-point inspection process, and safety and ascension information.

Construction 101 for Insurance Adjusters

Read more about Matt’s story, why he created this course, and what you’ll learn in our blog article.

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Construction 101 is also a great accompaniment to our Xactimate Webinar. Being familiar with construction basics and terminology will not only help you understand the claims and repair processes, it will give you the knowledge to input information into Xactimate quickly and correctly. And all of this will result in you closing claims more efficiently, making you more money.

Adjuster Success Method

This four-hour course covers everything a new adjuster needs to know and includes updated information (previously featured in GWMS) on how Independent Adjusting Firms work and how to land that first deployment.

Most importantly, the Adjuster Success Method will teach you a skill set that goes far beyond those first claims. You’ll learn how to develop a system for closing claims that will truly set you up for long-term success in the claims industry. If you want to read more about the course details, check out John O’Brien’s blog article: Career Training for New Adjusters.

Our Total Adjuster Packages are available for everyone, regardless of what state (licensing or non) you reside in. We encourage you to take advantage of the 20%+ discount that is built into our ‘TAPs.’ Not only will you save hundreds of dollars, you’ll be putting yourself in the best position to get licensed, get Xactimate trained, go to work, and know what to do when you get there.

Even though it’s changed, the Total Adjuster Package is still everything you need – plus some – all in one bundle!

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