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Training for Insurance Adjusters

We’re excited to announce the launch of a new career training course for insurance claims adjusters: The Adjuster Success Method. This course, created by veteran adjusters and AdjusterPro alumni, was developed to give adjusters inside knowledge on how to get hired, what tools you’ll need to get the job done, and most importantly, offer a step-by-step guide on handling your claims.

Learn more about career training from course creator John O’Brien.

My business partner, Peter Gaetano, and I have worked for a host of different IA Firms and insurance carriers throughout our career. We’ve worked daily and CAT claims all over the country and handled almost every peril you can imagine for both individual and commercial claims. Our experience has taught us a lot but perhaps the most important thing we’ve learned is this: 

A successful career in insurance adjusting is not an accident. Nor is it totally dependent on catastrophic weather events like hurricanes. 

So how do you create real long-term success as a claims adjuster? What steps or additional training should you take? How do you get a job and maintain your income? What do you really need to know about the industry to establish a solid career and avoid pitfalls? 

Answering those questions is what led us to partner with AdjusterPro to create The Adjuster Success Method course. 

A successful career as a claims adjuster requires applying a simple system of action with consistency and determination. It isn’t overcomplicated or mysterious, but you do need to know where and how to start. And that’s where The Adjuster Success Method comes in.

Requirements to take the course: None

This course doesn’t require you to have already taken a licensing course or to be familiar with any estimating software. We do recommend getting your state’s adjuster license at some point because you are much more employable as a licensed adjuster. But you don’t need it to take this course. 


Because Adjuster Success Method isn’t about policy interpretation or using your estimating software. Those things are the basics of being an adjuster and everyone in the job should know them – you included.

The ASM course goes beyond the basics of just being an adjuster and focuses on what you need to do to become a successful adjuster. It’s about how to turn your investment of time, money, and effort into a six-figure-income.  

We created this method based on our experiences, both good and bad. It’s more than job training…it’s successful career training for insurance adjusters. It’s a combination of what we know, what we wish we’d known, what works, what doesn’t, and how to overcome the inevitable challenges. This course offers a method used by successful adjusters to those who are just getting started or who haven’t been able to hit their stride yet. 

We’ve done it, and so can you. 

Who should take this course:

  • Anyone who wants to be an adjuster or is just getting started
  • Licensed adjusters who haven’t found steady work or income 
  • Working adjusters who are looking to hit the next level of success

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Adjuster Success Method Course Details  

The Adjuster Success Method is an online, self-paced course. You can work at your own pace and go back to review sections as needed to ensure you’re getting everything you can to set yourself up for success. 

We’ve divided the course into 3 main sections, each of which covers the areas vital to an adjuster’s success.

Section 1: Career Planning and Finding Work

This section is devoted to giving you the knowledge and the confidence to actively pursue adjusting opportunities at every stage of your career. Learn how to get yourself in the right place with the right frame of mind to make the most of every opportunity. 

  • Types of adjuster jobs and the training you need to qualify or apply.   
  • Building your ‘application package’ and strategies for job hunting. Applications will be your new part-time job and we’ll show you how to be efficient and effective.
  • Getting paid and tracking finances. Learn how adjusters get paid, how to read a fee schedule, and build a work budget.
  • Relationships with adjusting firms – how they really work, who to call, and what to say.
  • Catastrophe adjusting vs daily adjusting. Hear about the advantages and disadvantages of both from veterans who’ve been there.
  • How to provide top-notch, professional service that will make insureds rave about you and firms depend on you.

The Benefits to You: Work steady, quality claims (read: awesome income) year-round and build a reputation with adjusting firms as the go-to adjuster when things need to get done. 

Section 2: Tools and Safety 

The tools and gadgets available to adjusters run the gamut from simple tape measures to the complex and ridiculously expensive. This section explains which tools are vital and how to treat your mobile workspace so you’ll avoid costly mistakes that can impact your career. 

  • Guiding principles that will save you time and money in the field
  • Choosing and maintaining the right equipment
  • Which tools are required and make the job go faster
  • The importance of clothing and professional appearance
  • Ladders: types, sizes, and uses

The Benefits to You: Time is money in the claims industry. Working faster and more efficiently with your equipment means more claims closed and that equals more money.

Section 3: How to Do the Job

One of the greatest challenges for new adjusters is keeping track of the many tasks and steps required to close a claim. This section of the course teaches a proven, step-by-step process to close any claim for any peril. This isn’t general theory or a suggestions list. We will walk you through every step of the process we use to close a claim. We include checklists to help you track every task in your claims process from start to finish, plus a photo checklist and scope sheets to ensure you gather all the vital data during your inspection. 

Our system will work whether you’re handling one claim or twenty. Or whether you’re employed with one carrier or ten IA Firms. Once you understand the actions required and apply consistency to your process, the sky is the limit.

  • Pre-claim admin: 60% of being a successful adjuster is handling administrative tasks like contacting insureds, maintaining files, and route planning. Master this and the rest of the process will flow smoothly and quickly.  
  • Inspection discipline: We’ll show you how to effectively and efficiently use your time on site. You’ll learn the habits that will ensure you get all your photos, dimensions, and damage notes accurately the first time. 
  • Closing out and cashing in: The work isn’t done until your claim is closed and accepted with money in the bank. Learn how to overcome the “closing jitters” and how to make sure your claims queue stays full. 

The Benefits to You: You’ll know what to expect and what to do once you receive that first claim. Using our method will help you produce consistent, high-quality work that in turn, will lower your stress levels, boost your productivity, and ultimately increase your income. 

The Adjuster Success Method is career training for insurance adjusters. It’s the course I wish I’d taken when I started adjusting claims. If you’re just getting started, or if you’re working but ready to take it to the next level, I hope you’ll join us.

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