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My life and my career have been so dramatically influenced for the good by coaching that I feel compelled to share with y’all a bit about the many benefits of it.

I was talking to a new coaching client of mine today. It was awesome. I LOVE coaching and mentoring. There are coaches for all sorts of things: sports, business, spirituality, etc. The coaching I love is life coaching (although my coach dislikes that title). I get so much from this type of relationship with someone I admire who has the results in their life that I want in mine, someone living a full and powerful life.  Anyway, about my new client. Like most folks (including myself at the beginning of the coaching process), he is not really sure what he wants, but he’s quite sure it’s different from what he’s got now. Most folks don’t really know what they want in life, I’ve found, and as a result, end up getting more of what they don’t want than what they want. The beginning of the coaching process is the beginning of a serious attempt to answer the question “who the heck am I and what do I really want?”  The answer to this question is really, really important. This is one of the great benefits of coaching and the subject of the rest of this blog post.

Napoleon Hill spent his entire life studying the difference between successful people and unsuccessful people. He discovered some important differences. In the introduction to “The Law of Success”, he states that the difference between these two classes of people basically boils down to two things. One of them he states thus “Another important fact disclosed by these analyses [of 15,000 people] was that the ninety-five percent constituting the failures were engaged in work they did not like, while the five-percent constituting the successful ones were doing what they liked best. It is doubtful whether a person could be a failure while engaged in work he or she likes best.”

Folks, many consider this “do what you love” stuff a luxury – it’s not. In today’s world, it’s a competitive imperative. Make no mistake about it. If you have a dream of succeeding as an Insurance Adjuster, give us a call. We’re dedicated to helping you make that happen.

Stay hungry, stay foolish!”

– Adam

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