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We are occasionally asked about the feasibility of claims adjusting on a part time basis and I think it worth considering in more detail.

Understandably, many folks would like to supplement their existing income with another revenue stream.  Or, if looking to make a wholesale career change, initial part time supplementation of the existing job while that transition is made is also an attractive option.  Independent claims adjusting seems like it could be a natural fit given that you do work as an independent contractor (ability to make your own schedule, etc) and the seasonal nature of work volume might lend itself to doing other things.  So, is it really a good fit?

I would propose that it is not.  The type of claims handling where a few claims right next to home trickle in here or there over the course of month, providing that extra $2,000 in income, is actually pretty rare.  Moreover, arrangements of that type will be generally made only with tried and trusted adjusters with proven experience as opposed to someone just learning the ropes.

For those getting started in independent adjusting, opportunity generally knocks when a storm (cat) has wrought widespread and significant damage.  Demand for independent adjusters increases proportionate to the scale of damage and when the tipping point is reached, new folks on the outside looking in are suddenly thrust into deployment.  When assignment of claims occurs, its a 24/7 commitment.  Not only is the commitment level very high, the deployment itself will almost certainly send you beyond the geographic range of your home area – making it physically impossible to handle claims and your hometown job as well.

That said, once you have demonstrated your reliability as an adjuster and have earned the trust of an adjusting firm more opportunities will arise that could include daily claims in your home area.  Such an arrangement could even be “part-time” and certainly could admit of other work.  But, just out of the gates, working part time is not typical and probably ought not be expected.

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