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Earning over six figures in her first 10 months as an insurance adjuster and helping hundreds of people a year get back on their feet, is what keeps AdjusterPro alum, Bettina Wolpow telling others about this rewarding career that she has found. This AdjusterPro Alumni Spotlight article showcases Bettina’s journey to becoming an insurance adjuster — and shares her strategies for finding success in the claims industry.

We wouldn’t call Bettina Wolpow a typical new adjuster.  She started her adjusting career on the recommendation of a friend after successful stints owning a retail store and then as a corporate event producer – not your typical construction, roofing, auto mechanic type jobs that often make someone a good fit for adjusting. But what Bettina did have after years of owning her own company was determination and a great work ethic.  

“I was a bit older and I didn’t have time to start working my way up from the bottom again,” Bettina says. Instead, she needed to create an opportunity on her own. “I had to do something, and I had to do it fast. At that point, I was unemployed, alone, and in a new town,” she explains.

 “I called AdjusterPro based on my friend’s recommendation. I talked with them multiple times and asked a ton of questions before moving forward. They were always there to help and made me feel like I was their only customer.”

We remember Bettina fondly here at AdjusterPro. She worked hard to get her license and then called us often as she worked toward that first deployment. We encouraged her to keep getting her name out there, to get additional state licenses and certifications, to get certified in Xactimate® Training, and to stay the course. Then we got the news that she had received her first deployment and the calls stopped. 

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You can imagine our joy when about a year later, Bettina called to let us know that her first deployment had led to another and then to another and she had been working for 12 months straight. And, that she had made over six figures in her first year on the job.  

Bettina believes in the fundamentals of networking and communicating. She says there’s a ton of work out there, but you can’t sit back and wait for a phone call. You have to be willing to go out and find it. “You have to show people how hard you’re willing to work. I let every recruiter know I was willing, ready, and available. Most importantly, I let them know that if they called me, they could be assured of a ‘YES’ for any opportunity.” 

“Now that I’ve been in the claims industry for a while, I see that becoming an adjuster later in life is actually pretty common. This is often a second or third career for people.”

I like the excitement of being on the front line and helping people,” said Bettina. That’s just one reason she, and many others in claims adjusting, are drawn to the profession. 

While Bettina’s path to adjusting wasn’t what most people think of as “traditional,” she’s proof that with grit and determination, you can be successful. “I realized I couldn’t wait for a knock on the door. No one was going to come and hand me my dream career.  I had to go out there and get it.” 

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