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Adjuster Exams

AdjusterPro now offers access to online proctoring services – FREE OF CHARGE.

When the Covid-19 pandemic took hold and people began quarantining, it created a roadblock for those trying to get their insurance adjuster license in a lot of states. To help alleviate the block and open a path for testing in pre-licensing states, we began working on getting online proctoring up and running.

But what started as a way to help individuals, companies, and state agencies fulfill proctored exam requirements during the quarantines, has become a convenient new normal for the way we do business. Our implementation of free online proctoring has been met with such a great response that we’ve made it a permanent part of our pre-licensing courses.

Our Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Florida, Mississippi, and Texas adjuster pre-licensing courses and exams now include the option for all students to use ProctorFree to complete their online exams. The best part? We are picking up the tab!

Previously, when you took your pre-licensing or state exam for AL, AR, IN, FL, MS, or TX, you needed to have a ‘disinterested third-party’ present to oversee the exam. The third-party, or ‘proctor’, can not be a member of your family or a co-worker that either works above or below your position.

Online proctoring allows a ‘proctor’ to oversee your exam through your computer video camera instead of in person. So whether you are still social distancing, having trouble finding a disinterested party, or simply want the convenience of testing whenever you want, online proctoring is a great option for everyone.

We’ve partnered with Proctor Free to offer this service to our students at no additional cost. Once you finish your course and get to the exam, our online classroom will give you a few basic guidelines for taking the exam and walk you through simple steps to set up the online proctoring system.

You do not have to use online proctoring for the state exams where it is offered, except in Alabama where it is a requirement. In the other states, students can still choose to test with a standard in-person proctor if they prefer.

At AdjusterPro, we are always striving to improve our products and services in order to make the training and licensing process better for our students and customers. Online proctoring is a big step in making testing convenient and safe for everyone.

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