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Insurance adjusters prepare for hurricane season

Every year, right about now, those of us in the insurance industry ask ourselves the same question.

“What will this year’s hurricane season look like?”

Hurricane Season Predictions

Some years, we have to wait until mid to late summer to find out, but that may not be the case with 2024. Hurricane season is still a month away, but all signs and predictions point to not just a busy but a potentially catastrophic Atlantic hurricane season.

Last year, the U.S. only experienced the direct impacts of one large hurricane, making 2023 the quietest season for the mainland in more than a decade. Despite a lack of direct landfalls and impacts, there were 20 named storms, which included seven hurricanes.

The 2023 season occurred during an El Niño cycle, which suppresses tropical activity in the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, and Atlantic Ocean due to wind shear and cooler water temperatures. The opposite global weather pattern is expected in 2024, which will create much more favorable conditions for hurricanes to form and grow. According to one expert, “Storms should form easily and often this year.”

Those who have been in the insurance adjusting industry for a while know to take hurricane predictions with a grain of salt. It’s a difficult business that involves evaluating hundreds of factors, many of which are also predictions and estimates. But when experts say it’s going to be a big one, they usually aren’t too far off.

Colorado State University predicts 23 named storms, 11 hurricanes with 5 of those becoming major (Cat 3 or above) hurricanes. “This is the most active April forecast that we have ever issued,” lead forecaster Phil Klotzbach told CNN. The only other CSU outlooks to predict close to this many hurricanes were mid-season forecasts in August 2005 (Hurricane Katrina) and 2020. Both ended up being the two most-active Atlantic seasons on record.

2024 Hurricane season prediction

Insurance Industry Preparations

Predicting how the insurance industry is preparing for the upcoming season is also difficult. All signs point to a decreased number of available adjusters after slow seasons and corporate downsizing. But spring has brought an onslaught of activity, including multiple tornado outbreaks and regional flooding. Where does that leave us going into hurricane season?

The claims resulting from spring activity should put adjusters to work. According to statistics, April 2024 has the second-highest tornado count on record for April. These spring storms have been widely distributed as well, veering well out of Tornado Alley and into Ohio and Indiana. It stands to reason that adjusters should be getting work from this activity, and we’re still in the middle of tornado season.

What does that mean heading into what experts are saying will be a busy hurricane season? It means that the need for new adjusters could be as high as it’s been in a long time. It means…opportunity!

Become Insurance Adjuster

We always recommend having your license in hand and ready before hurricane season begins. After all, why would employers wait for you to get a license when they could immediately send a licensed adjuster? Starting now will also give you time to take Xactimate Training and get reciprocal licenses in the hurricane-prone states so when you get the call, you’re ready.

If you’re serious about becoming an adjuster, set yourself up for success by preparing today. We have several great resources to help you get started.

Hurricane Season Adjuster Resources

If you have any questions about insurance licensing or training, contact us. We’re here to help.

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