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Pennsylvania Auto Appraiser Exam Prep
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Pennsylvania requires a motor vehicle damage appraiser license to handle auto claims. Simplify the process with AdjusterPro’s exam prep course. Offered 100% online, you can train anywhere, anytime.

  • Auto Appraiser Auto Appraiser Exam Prep Course: Series 16-20

    Our Auto Appraiser exam prep course will help you pass the challenging Pennsylvania motor vehicle damage appraiser state exam.

    • Pennsylvania Auto Appraiser: Series 16-20 exam prep course
    • Printable PDFs and glossary
    • Practice exams




  • How do I get Motor Vehicle Physical Damage Appraiser License in Pennsylvania?

    To obtain your Pennsylvania Series 16-20 Motor Vehicle Physical Damage Appraiser license, complete the following steps:

    1. Meet the basic Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Physical Damage Appraiser Licensing Requirements

      • Be at least 18 years old
      • Be trustworthy
      • Possess the appropriate experience or training in motor vehicle damage appraisal

    2. Complete an approved training course, such as AdjusterPro’s Pennsylvania’s Damage Appraiser Exam Prep Course, or have six months of continuous experience related to this field

      • Fax or email training course completion certificate or proof of work experience to:
        Pennsylvania Insurance Department (PID)
        Email: ra-in-producer@state.pa.us
        Fax: 717-787-8553

    3. Register for and pass the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Physical Damage Appraiser Exam

      • Register online with PSI
      • Select PA Motor Vehicle Damage Appraiser
      • If asked to select a provider from the drop-down menu, select 99999 Other (because pre-licensing is not required for this license)

    4. Submit your application using

        • Pennsylvania Insurance Department
          Bureau of Licensing & Enforcement
          1209 Strawberry Square
          Harrisburg, PA 17120

    5. Check to see if your license has been issued at PID Licensees

    Additional licensing information is available on the PID Website.

  • What is an auto damage appraiser? Do I need that license?

    There are two components to handling an auto claim; appraising the damage to the vehicle and settling the claim itself. Appraisers play a key role in this process, since motor vehicle claims require specialized knowledge of auto repair that most adjusters simply don’t have. That’s where auto damage appraisers come in: these insurance professionals inspect vehicle damage, calculate the worth of the vehicle, and write an estimate for repair. Then the adjuster settles the claim based on the appraisal. Many states require adjusters to hold both licenses if they want to work on both parts of the claim — the appraisal and the settlement. Two states, Connecticut and South Carolina, require adjusters to hold both licenses to work on any part of an auto claim.

  • What are the appraiser licensing fees for Pennsylvania?

    • AdjusterPro Course Fee: $149
    • Exam Fee: $43
    • Licensing Fee: $55
    • License Renewal Fee: $55
  • What are the renewal and CE requirements for Pennsylvania appraisers?

    There is NO continuing education (CE) requirement for Pennsylvania appraisers. Licenses expire on June 30 every year.

    Renew your license through NIPR or Sircon Pennsylvania.

  • Pennsylvania Insurance Department contact information

    Website: http://www.insurance.pa.gov/Licensees/Pages/default.aspx

    Mailing Address:
    Pennsylvania Insurance Department
    Bureau of Licensing and Enforcement
    1209 Strawberry Square
    Harrisburg, PA 17120

    Phone: 717-787-3840
    Email: ra-in-producer@pa.gov

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