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Adjusting to a “new normal”, even if temporary, is at the forefront of everyone’s life right now and requires a new approach to work, life, friendships, faith… well, just about everything.

We are very much still open for business and since mid-March, we’ve been posting a lot of info here about how our company and industry are adapting to the pandemic. This page pulls all of that info together and adds some additional links to great stuff that we thought our readers might find helpful.

We’ll continue to update this page throughout the crisis. Let us know if you have questions it doesn’t cover.

Adjusting Industry Tips & Updates

If you’re already a licensed adjuster:

Read Already Licensed? You may hold the New Golden Ticket – Due to potential delays in current licensing processes, adjusters who already hold a license are more valuable than ever.

Bookmark Updates to Adjuster Continuing Education During Covid-19 – This is where we’ve listed states’ updates or changes to their CE and renewal requirements due to the crisis.

If you’re looking to get your adjuster license:

First, read 4 Reasons Now is the Time to Get your Adjuster License – While things around us feel uncertain, it can be tough to pull the trigger on a new career as an adjuster. Here we share some reasons why now is a good time to get your adjuster license.

Then read How Covid-19 is Affecting Adjuster Licensing – We’re not going to lie, it’s more challenging to get licensed right now. But the industry is adapting quickly…

Bookmark Paths to Licensing during Covid-19 and check back often – There are daily updates rolling in as states and companies like us adapt to limitations in access to exams, proctoring, fingerprinting, etc. This post will keep you as informed as we are.

Generally helpful links

Practical and informative:

Working from Home: 5 Keys to Productivity – We’ve been doing this for years!! Our own Regan Daniel gives some tips we’ve learned for making your time at home as productive as possible.

Video: Protecting your Family During COVID-19 – Dr. David Price: Weill Cornell Medical Center – NYC – This is a really excellent candid discussion of coronavirus and COVID-19 disease by a NYC lung specialist on the front lines. We strongly recommend it — the point of the video, he says, is to empower you not to be scared.

Food for thought:

Creative Adaptation in a Time of Pandemic – Although we can hardly blame anyone who responds to this pandemic with panic or something equally useless, our CFO Ben Dunlap has noticed that many are taking a different approach – responding with human kindness and “creative adaptation”.

St. Martin’s Academy Newsletter – Excerpt from Learning in Wartime – AdjusterPro co-founder Daniel Kerr, whose boarding school had to send its students home mid-semester, reflects on C.S Lewis’s famous essay Learning in Wartime and its relevance to this pandemic.

Death Before Our Eyes – Spiritual reflection from the monks of Norcia – a Benedictine take on the deeper significance of all of this.

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