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Auto Damage Appraiser

Interested in getting your auto appraiser license? Our one-stop-shop now includes appraiser exam prep courses!

Why get an auto appraiser license?

There are two components to handling auto claims – the appraisal of the damage and the handling of the claim itself.

Auto appraisers play a key role in the claims-adjusting process, since motor vehicle claims require specialized knowledge of auto repair that most adjusters simply don’t have.

That’s where auto damage appraisers come in: these insurance professionals inspect vehicle damage, calculate the worth of the vehicle, and write an estimate for repair. The appraiser’s job doesn’t replace the adjuster’s, but supplements it.

Who adjusts and who appraises?

Some adjusters outsource the damage-appraisal element of auto claims, but many adjusters handle both the appraisal and the claim itself, start to finish. This can be done in some states by anyone who holds an adjuster license.

In other states, namely Delaware, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont, licensed adjusters also need to hold an auto appraiser license in order to handle both the appraisal and the claim.

South Carolina and Connecticut take this a step further: they require adjusters to become licensed as appraisers before adjusting auto claims at all.

What do hiring managers think?

Many carriers and adjusting firms in these states now require their adjusters to obtain both licenses so they are prepared for all aspects of a motor vehicle claim, making the process more efficient for insurers and claimants.  Holding an auto appraiser license can also benefit adjusters in other states who want to focus on auto claims.

Our solution

AdjusterPro has now added appraiser exam prep courses for each of the above states where an appraiser license is needed.

Our Auto Appraiser Exam Preparation Courses are meant to complement our Adjuster Pre-licensing Courses and Exams.  All Auto Appraiser Courses will cover the following core topics:

  • Appraising Auto Damage Claims
  • Auto Theft, Arson, and Fraud
  • Vehicle Parts and Construction
  • Appraiser Licensing, Governance, and Disciplinary Actions
  • State and/or Federal Laws and Regulations Relevant to Appraisers
  • All remaining topics required on each state outline.

To offer a more beneficial experience, the courses include effective visual aids, quizzes, and audio narration.

How to get started on your appraiser license

To get more information, get started in a course, or to receive a corporate quote for appraiser courses for your team, visit the AdjusterPro Website and view license training for your state. Not all states offer an appraiser license but for those that do, we offer individual appraiser courses and licensing packages that also include adjuster licensing courses.

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