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OneClick Code

Insurance adjusters often have to use outdated, manual systems to gather the building code data needed to create roofing estimates. This not only leaves money on the table, it wastes an adjuster’s valuable time. The latest roofing technology app, OneClick Code, gives you the accurate information you need to build a defensible estimate with the click of a button. Save an hour on every roof for less than the price of a cup of coffee.

Accu-Lines Flip Board

The Accu-Line Flipboard is a patent-pending, double-sided clipboard perfect for adjusters, contractors, or anyone else who needs to accurately sketch while in the field. This unique tool keeps your sketch lines straight and allows for tracing to scale using the printed grid pattern. The flip side is a smooth surface clipboard for free-hand note-taking. The clipboard is made of heavy-duty materials, with stainless steel clips, a standard ruler, decimal conversion for inches, metric ruler, and is available for custom branding.

Bullybag Ultra Pouch

Bullybag founder and Marine Corps Veteran Jerod Allen began his search for an all-encompassing utility pouch while adjusting insurance claims back in 2011. Over the next several years, he became increasingly frustrated at the lack of field tools that worked for the specific needs of insurance adjusters and estimators. So he began designing his own. He began conducting interviews with adjusters and contractors, developed multiple prototypes, and partnered with a manufacturer that builds the weaponry bags for the USMC. The result? A tool belt and bag customized for the needs of adjusters and designed to help you to Claim the Storm.

You can purchase the stand-alone pouch or buy a package with the bag plus many of the tools you’ll need. Get 5% off with code: APro