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Which states license staff adjusters?

The states highlighted in blue require staff adjusters obtain the specific staff adjuster license. You should only obtain this license if you have been instructed to by your employer. If you’re an independent adjuster looking for a reciprocity map, visit our IA Interactive Reciprocity Map.

Staff adjuster licenses are reciprocal with all other staff licensing states

Staff adjuster licensing

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know if I need a staff adjuster license?

    If you are an individual looking to start a career in insurance claims adjusting, we recommend obtaining your independent adjuster license. Should you choose to become a staff adjuster at some point in the future, you can apply for a license change with the assistance of your employer.

    For the most part, unless you have a job and have been directed by your employer to obtain a staff adjuster license, start with the independent license.

  • How do I get a staff adjuster license?

    Just to be clear, you should only move forward obtaining a staff adjuster license IF you have been directed to do so by your employer.

    How to get a staff adjuster license varies by state. In fact, the very definition of ‘staff adjuster’ can be different in different states. Your employer should be able to give you directions on obtaining your staff license, but if they aren’t sure, have them call our corporate support team at 480-739-6770. We would be happy to help.

  • What is reciprocity?

    Reciprocity, or reciprocal licensing privileges, allows a licensed adjuster to obtain another state(s) license without having to pass that specific state’s exam. Thank goodness, right? Once you have your home state or DHS license, you can apply for other state licenses through reciprocity.

    It’s not automatic – you will need to complete the required paperwork and submit the licensing fees but most licensing states are now reciprocal with each other, as long as the license your home state or DHS license holds more lines of authority than what you are requesting. For example, if you hold a P&C Adjuster License, you are only qualified for a P&C reciprocal license in another state. You can not obtain a reciprocal All-Lines license if your home state or DHS license is for P&C because it covers fewer lines of authority.

    There are some additional caveats – New York, California and Hawaii do not reciprocate with any other state for example. You can read more about the importance of reciprocity in our Reciprocity: The Truth About Licensing Agreements article.

    It’s also important to note that reciprocity doesn’t always go both ways. For example, New York doesn’t offer reciprocal licenses to licensed adjusters from any other state. However, there are plenty of states that will offer licensed New York adjusters a reciprocal license.

    To learn what states will offer you a reciprocal license, visit the AdjusterPro Reciprocity Map and click on your state.

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