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Jamie Morgan is an independent adjuster who has achieved the highest possible adjuster rating with one of the industry’s most prestigious firms. We caught up with him recently after he returned from over a year-long deployment. Jamie attended AdjusterPro’s Texas Total Adjuster Training Program in February of 2006.

Q. AdjusterPro: What is your background and what attracted you to the adjusting industry?

A. Jamie: I was a golf professional for 15 years and then worked in sales for a while. The adjusting industry offered great income potential after just a short period of training.

Q. AdjusterPro: What is your favorite part about being an adjuster?

A. Jamie: The self-directed environment – no micro-management.

Q. AdjusterPro: What is your least favorite part about being an adjuster?

A. Jamie: Short notice for deployments, and unpredictable deployment times.

Q. AdjusterPro: What is the single most important trait an adjuster must have?

A. Jamie: Persistence and the knack for closing claims quickly.

Q. AdjusterPro: What kind of money is achievable for a good independent adjuster?

A. Jamie: 100K is not unreasonable to expect rather soon, double that with experience.

Q. AdjusterPro: What advice do you have for those looking for their first adjusting opportunity?

A. Jamie:  Take advantage of any training available. Know the estimating software. Be prepared to close claims immediately upon deployment.

Q. AdjusterPro: What was your biggest hurdle in adapting to the work of being an adjuster?

A. Jamie: Learning what each insurer specifically requires to close a claim.

Q. AdjusterPro: How did your experience in the Total Adjuster Training Program help you to prepare for handling real claims?

A. Jamie: Really learning the estimating programs and seeing real world examples gave me confidence to start immediately on the claims I received.

Q. AdjusterPro: You’ve enjoyed a lot of success in a short period of time – what do you attribute that to?

A. Jamie: Getting the right training, learning the software, buying the right tools and working hard.

Q. AdjusterPro: If you had one bit of advice for an aspiring adjuster, what would it be?

A. Jamie: Learn to close a claim on your own and don’t wait to be trained by your employer.

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