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“…it is dangerous not to do what you love. If you don’t have a level of passion that drives your thinking about what you’re doing day in and day out, there will be others out there who are passionate who will overtake and outrun you. People who care will take the initiative away from those who are half-hearted. So loving what you do is a competitive imperative, not simply a nice thing to have.”

– Mark Thompson and Stewart Emery, co-authors of a new book to be titled “Success Built to Last

Once I had a great job.  Everyone told me I was lucky to land it.  Good pay, good benefits, great boss, growing industry, etc.  Problem was – I HATED IT.  I had the opposite of passion for it.  I dreaded getting up in the morning and loathed every moment I spent in that office.  When I quit, well meaning people told me I was crazy, irresponsible or worse.  But in spite of all the wise and good people’s admonitions, something deep inside me knew the truth.  The job was soul-killing for me, and there’s no fooling your own soul (for long).

It’s been a long time now since I’ve had a “job” (I’ve been a business owner since I landed my first gig as an Independent Adjuster – now I’ve got a career).  Getting into Independent Adjusting seemed risky at the time, especially to the naysayers who told me I was crazy to leave my job, but here’s the thing – it was what I wanted to do.  It was the opposite of my soul-killing job.  And I LOVED it.  Because I loved it, I excelled at it.  I was genuinely interested in being a better Adjuster every day.  I strove for excellence because I had passion for it.  I worked long hours because I liked doing it and pushing the envelope of the expectations for productivity.  I took on new challenges like mediation and appraisal work because I had a passion to grow in the industry, and the industry rewarded my passion handsomely.

If you’re stuck in a job for which you have no passion, I’m convinced that you’ll just spin your wheels and get nowhere.  Today’s marketplace – in almost every industry – requires something more to get ahead – passion.

All of us folks here at AdjusterPro are involved in the industry because we’re passionate about it.  It’s a fantastic career with a wide variety of career paths, allowing very different folks with very different interests a way to find their passion.  Whether it’s traveling the country doing CAT claims, in-office work as a liability adjuster or stake-out work as a workers’ compensation investigator, we believe you’ll love our industry too.

Above all else, find what moves you, because passion is not a luxury – it’s a competitive imperative in today’s marketplace.

Give us a ring if you’d like to talk about whether Adjusting is a good fit for you.


– Adam

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